HOLY MOSES feature

HOLY MOSES thrash queen Sabina Classen becomes invisible

03-02-2023 FFP 0

Some bands just won’t quit and keep going till they literally drop. For others, there definitely is a finish line. German thrashers HOLY MOSES have seen the checkered flag fluttering, but there are still two last hurdles to face: a new album and a farewell tour!


VISIONS OF ATLANTIS release new live album

02-02-2023 FFP 0

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS are sailing the Seven Seas and travelling the continents this year. In between, they will release a new live album titled “Pirates Over Wacken” end of March. There’s also a live video from the “Pirates” bonus DVD “Live At Masters Of Rock”.

NERVOSA feature2

Diva Satanica quits NERVOSA

28-01-2023 FFP 0

The staffing problems for Brazilian thrash metal band NERVOSA still goes on: Fernanda Lira, Luana Dametto, Eleni Nota and now also Diva Satanica… all gone! But with a new guitarist and drummer, Prika Amaral won’t give up. NERVOSA will never die.


Alessia Scolletti and Alfonso Mocerino leave TEMPERANCE

27-01-2023 FFP 0

After three albums with TEMPERANCE (“Of Jupiter And Moons”, “Viridian” and “Diamanti”) the train has come to a stop for singer Alessia Scolletti and drummer Alfonso Mocerino. The band has already found a way to keep the train moving!


ELEGY OF MADNESS signs with Scarlet Records

27-01-2023 FFP 0

Anja Irullo was the lead vocalist of Italian symphonic metal band ELEGY OF MADNESS for 16 years. Last year, Kyrah Aylin took over the microphone and recently the band signed with Scarlet Records. A new album with Kyrah will be out this Fall.