BURNING WITCHES Found A New Lead Guitarist

In the last few years, BURNING WITCHES haven't been lucky on getting a steady line-up. They lost 2 guitarist and a singer. But now they're back as a 5-piece again!


Dear metal family – we are really excited and want to share the happy news, that we are a 5 piece again! πŸ˜€

But we need some more time with the new WITCH this Summer and we need to make sure she is ready and she is the right one! Being a part of the BURNING WITCHES needs full dedication, passion, friendship and love for metal. As you all know, we had difficulties with the line up in the past, we want to learn from our mistakes and improve, to avoid complications again in the future!

Right now, we are composing, rehearsing and laughing together and things are going really great. We want the fans to know, that we made progress and will present the new lead guitarist in the next weeks.

We know you are eager & anxious about the new line up, so we want to inform you, that the chemistry in the band was never better than now and that we have found somebody that fits perfectly into the coven!

Please stay tuned and we will have some fantastic news and infos very soon! 🀘🏼πŸ”₯🀘🏼”

Laura Guldemond – Vocals
Romana Kalkuhl – Guitar
TBA on August 14th – Guitar
Jeanine ‘Jay’ Grob – Bass
Lala Frischknecht – Drums

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