KALIDIA featurenew

KALIDIA have come to an end

26-03-2023 FFP 0

After 12 years, the journey of Italian melodic power metal band KALIDIA has come to an end. The band members have, in consultation, decided to unplug all instruments and go their own way with different projects.

MYSTFALL featurepic

MYSTFALL signs with Scarlet Records

21-03-2023 FFP 0

Greek soprano singer Marialena Trikoglou, who released a solo album “Vanity” in 2020, has formed a symphonic metal band named MYSTFALL in 2023. Expect a first single “Celestial Vision” on Scarlet Records soon with an accompanying video.


INFECTED RAIN release “The Devil’s Dozen”

18-02-2023 FFP 0

They’ve been around since 2008 and are the fastest rising band in their genre, Moldovan based INFECTED RAIN with the charismatic frontwoman Lena Scisserhands. On April 14th, their label Napalm Records will release a new live album, “The Devil’s Dozen”.