Alessia Scolletti and Alfonso Mocerino leave TEMPERANCE



Vocalist Alessia Scolletti and drummer Alfonso Mocerino have both left Italian heavy metal band TEMPERANCE. The band states on their Facebook page:

Unfortunately Alfonso and Alessia won’t be on stage with us on the upcoming tours. During the first days of December, less than two months before the tour kick off, they both informed us that due to personal reasons they could have not taken part to the next shows. As you can clearly imagine, it was not easy for us to re-organise and plan everything, especially as we were fully focused on the recordings of the new album (Alfonso already recorded the drums for our upcoming album). Thanks to some friends, to whom we’ll properly say “thanks” soon, we still managed to handle everything and we’re looking forward to jump on the road in Europe soon!”TEMPERANCE bandBoth Alessia‘s and Alfonso‘s statements can be found on TEMPERANCE‘s Facebook page (see link below).

TEMPERANCE“After three years of postponements, canceling the Tarja tour would have been an absolute bummer. We’re happy for having found a solution and we’re more than sure that you’ll be excited about the upcoming news! Thanks everyone for your infinite support!!!”

MARCO PASTORINO: Guitar / Vocals
MICHELE GUAITOLI: Vocals / Keyboards

UPDATE: Lina Victoria (vocalsSleeping Romance) and Marco Sacchetto (drums) will be joining TEMPERANCE on their upcoming tour!