BLACKTHORN - Covid-19 (1)


On October 2nd, 2020, a Metal Against Corona Fest was held at the ‘Live Stars’ club in Moscow, Russia. One of the bands playing there were local symphonic hextreme metal band BLACKTHORN. The band, who were accused of suicide propaganda in one of their songs, played a set with mainly new songs plus the Rammstein cover ‘Sonne‘. The complete setlist contained:

01. Intro + Sabbath Calls   02. The Nethersource   03. Sonne (Rammstein Cover)   04. Feast Upon Lifeblood   05. Hosts Of Sylvan Gloom   06. Nightshade Crypt   07. Black Streams Arcanum   08. Hexshadow Turned To Flesh

BLACKTHORN - Covid-19 (2)


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